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Once you have decided on the style of kitchen you desire, we have a huge range of storage solutions, handles, worktops, sinks, taps, wine coolers and built in appliances bring your design to life.

 Storage Solutions
Shaw's Kitchens provide a range of stoarge solutions to help you keep your kitchen organised and clutter free. Sliding and rotating chrome and stainless steel baskets allow easy access, and our lockable cage for hazardous items can give you peace of mind in your family kitchen.
Cutlery organisers help reduce drawer clutter
Beech plate insert with wooden dowels
In-cupboard storage drawers with integral dividers
Pull-out in-cupboard stainless steel basket
Wide style drawer with management system
Storage larder with internal drawers
Curved corner carousel with beech chopping board
Tambour unit with sliding aluminium door
Lockable stainless steel basket for hazardous items
Swivelling larder unit with chrome storage
Tambour unit with sliding aluminium door
Pull-out waste and recycling bin with 40L capacity